Read this before appealing!

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Read this before appealing!

Post by DarkMew on Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:16 pm

While Appealing for in-game bans, include the following in your appeal
•Include your in-game name
•Reason of your ban
•How long you were banned
•Who you were banned by
•Why you should be unbanned

While Appealing for chatroom bans, include the following in your appeal
•Include your Chatroom name
•Reason you were banned
•How long you were banned for
•Who you were banned by

General Rules:

•Do NOT comment on someone else's ban appeal. Only Moderators and the person who is appealing may post on the thread. Other posts will be deleted and in repeated cases, a warning will be issued. There are few cases where commenting will be allowed.
•Do not post your appeal on an existing appeal. You must make your own topic for your own appeal.
•Do not appeal a 24 hour ban from IRC. If you are banned for more than 48 hours, then you can appeal.
•If your appeal was denied, do NOT appeal again. You must wait at least one month before re-appealing.
•DO NOT APPEAL FOR SOMEONE ELSE. If I see "My friend was banned please unban", that post is getting deleted.


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